It’s a virtual world…

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Mommies take on the current virtual technology and reaching your audience.

The internet has brought many changes on how we communicate over just the past 6 years. My daughter, Ashlyn, who is 2, has her own MAC! She plays games like Baby Smash and bangs on the keyboard. Woohoo! Sometimes it is hard to know who is going to read your message and how best to reach them. First you have to decide who gets your message, how you want it found, and what you have to say…

Who is your audience? It is not just about age, gender, or statistics anymore. With QR Codes and Geolocation capabilities your audience can op-in to you.

How will they find you? With cell phones so internet capable these days use this technology. Or are you local and need to still advertise in the local phone directory too.

Is your message clear and concise? Will it be a coupon if they walk in your store, a discount on a service, or a game of hide and seek. Be creative, this your branding opportunity!

So I tell you this brief tidbit on virtual technology usage to only mention that…if my 2 year old were around I couldn’t even think to send an email!

Until next time…partake in life,

Sandia :)

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